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New England’s New Breed of Real Estate

When it comes to buying and selling properties, it is the buyers and sellers who are the experts. At Carrington Real Estate Services we think that’s just the way it should be. You know what you want from a new home, and you know what is fair for the one you are selling. The internet has made it much easier than ever to do all kinds of research into every aspect of realty – from finding and viewing homes to researching prices in an area and avoiding common pitfalls.

Carrington connects sellers and buyers in today’s marketplace, and facilitates everything with a motivated team. Our proven and experienced team will help you find the perfect counterpart to your transaction, and will also make sure you are educated and fully informed about everything related to your sale or purchase. This is at the heart of what sets Carrington Real Estate Services apart.

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3 Ways Carrington Real Estate Services Isn’t Like the Rest

1. Responsive

We understand how stressful and intense a process buying or selling a home can be. That’s why we’re committed to providing a responsive and considerate service to you. We make sure you know everything you need to, when you need to know it, and we respond to your needs just as efficiently.

2. Innovative

When we say we’re modern, we mean that in more than just technological terms. We don’t just use the Internet – we know what its potential is and make full use of that to help connect with our buyers and sellers efficiently. That means a seamless process for everyone involved, no matter what their property goals are.

3. Dedication

Buying a home is a tremendous investment, possibly the most important you’ll ever make. It can also be complex and potentially frustrating. Carrington Real Estate is fully committed to helping you navigate through your transaction and making it go as smoothly as it can.

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What We Offer: Our Services

For Buyers:

Alongside the preparation we help you do, we offer a variety of services for buyers, including:

  • Keeping you updated daily on new properties which match your specified criteria.
  • Full Buyer’s Agency representation.
  • We can act as facilitator on your behalf.
  • Our team is experienced with helping people who are moving from other regions and will help accommodate that.

Our prime concern is finding you a house that you can call home.

For Sellers:

We want to connect your property with as many prospective buyers as we can and as quickly as possible, so that you can move on to the next stage in your life. To that end we do the following:

  • We combine the use of cutting-edge technology with intensive networking to get your property as widely seen as possible.
  • Provide marketing materials, internet exposure, open houses, and expert negotiations.
  • Because we stay so in tune with what buyers want, we know exactly what they want from a new home. We connect you quickly to start talking.
  • We also make sure we have an individual understanding of your house, instead of making cookie-cutter assumptions.

We put our time and effort into ensuring the best service we can for property sellers.

Our Agents:

The key to Carrington Real Estate is our agents:

  • We keep them constantly trained on the latest technologies and ensure they know how to use them to their full power.
  • They are all connected to each other and networked as much as possible.
  • Our team has a broad spread of experience from traditional to distressed sales.
  • They understand the difficulties of property trading and want to help you do it as easily as possible.

Carrington hinges on its agents and we are proud to have some of the best in the business working for us.