Cape Cod, MA Real Estate

Cape Cod MA Real Estate

Welcome to Cape Cod, MA

With over 500 miles of coastline, Cape Cod is one of the most scenic and exciting regions on the East Coast. The fifteen towns of Cape Cod are home to over 200,000 residents, unified by a local culture that is instilled with centuries of maritime tradition.

Today, the ocean continues to play an essential role in Cape Cod life. During the summertime, the seaside is swarmed with enthusiastic vacationers. And throughout the year, Cape Cod is a center for marine science and technology, as well as traditional industries such as shellfishing and shipbuiliding. For those who love the sea, Cape Cod offers a truly unique way of life!


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Public Transportation: Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority

The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA) operates several bus routes that provide transportation among the towns of Cape Cod and within the Mid-Cape towns of Barnstable and Hyannis. During peak tourist season (between Memorial Day and Labor Day), additional services include the CapeFLYER (rail service between Boston and Hyannis) as well as shuttles serving Woods Hole and Provincetown.

Driving in and out of Cape Cod can be challenging during tourist season. With only two bridges crossing the Cape Cod Canal, long backups are to be expected on weekends. Within Cape Cod, both U. S. Route 6 (Mid-Cape Highway) and State Route 28 allow travel across the length of the Cape.


Cape Cod MA Homes for Sale


Cape Cod, MA’s Real Estate Market

The Cape Cod housing market is one of the fastest growing in all of Massachusetts. That’s one of the reasons why Cape Cod home values never spiraled out of control, as has happened in other summertime resort communities. Home buyers will encounter a terrific range of properties for sale, from contemporary homes built last year to manors over a century old. The region consists of the fifteen towns of Barnstable County, which is divided into the following regions:

  • Upper Cape— The westernmost part of the Cape, this region is popular for residents who wish to commute to nearby Plymouth and Bristol counties. In addition, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Marine Biological Laboratory, and Massachusetts Maritime Academy make the Upper Cape a center for marine science and education.
  • Mid-Cape— The most densely populated region of the Cape, the Mid-Cape encompasses the towns of Barnstable and Dennis. The Mid-Cape is one of the most popular areas for summertime visitors. This area is also the manufacturing and health care center of the Cape, with a variety of residential housing choices.
  • Lower & Outer Cape— The eastern end of Cape Cod includes towns such as Harwich, Chatham, and Provincetown. Many of the most desirable vacation properties on the Cape are located on the Outer Cape, from 19th-century bungalows to modern condominiums built in recent years.


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Distinguished Schools in Cape Cod, MA

Many schools that serve Cape Cod are noted for exceptional achievements in academics, athletics, and the arts. In recent decades, Barnstable High School has dominated the state high school volleyball championships, while Mashpee High School has the only high school chapter of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Sturgis Charter Public School has been consistently ranked among the nation’s top 50 high schools by Newsweek, based on its competitive curriculum and the college admissions success of its graduates.


Cape Cod MA Art Musuem


You’ll Enjoy: Sport Fishing and Local Arts

In addition to outstanding recreational fishing, Cape Cod is also a regional center for the arts, with many opportunities to enjoy music, visual arts, and theater. Here is a small taste of the many enjoyable activities available on the Cape:

  • Sport Fishing
    Rating: 5 Stars
    Cape Cod is a favorite destination for sport fishermen, with rich stocks of trophy fish such as striped bass and bluefin tuna. Chartering a boat at one of Cape Cod’s many harbors is a simple matter; experienced captains can guide you to the best waters, provide equipment, and assist with cleaning your catch.
  • Cape Cod Museum of Art
    Rating: 4 Stars
    Devoted to the art and artists of the Cape Cod region, this museum offers an exciting exhibition schedule as well as classes for kids and adults.
  • Provincetown Jazz Festival
    Rating: 4 Stars
    Local and national artists headline this annual three-day event, one of the highlights of the Cape’s popular jazz scene.
  • Barnstable Comedy Club
    Rating: 5 Stars
    This community theater, the oldest on Cape Cod, stages four productions every season. Critically acclaimed shows range from hilarious musicals to re-interpretations of Shakespeare.


Cape Cod, MA Utilities

Municipal water is overseen by eighteen distinct Cape Cod water utility departments throughout the region.


The Lifestyle: Seasonal Rhythms of a Seaside Community

Life on Cape Cod is trasnformed by the influx of visitors between Memorial Day and Labor Day. From a quiet, close-knit New England community, the Cape becomes a collection of bustling tourist towns. Nevertheless, Cape Cod residents have learned to prosper regardless of the season.

Cape living lends itself to an outdoor lifestyle, with favorite activities including boating, fishing, and bicycling. And Cape Cod has been the home of a vibrant arts scene since the late 19th century, a tradition that greatly enriches the region’s quality of life. Galleries, theaters, and musical venues are found throughout Cape Cod. In fact, many off-season visitors are surprised by the rich cultural activity that persists even in the absence of tourists!


Cape Cod MA Outdoors


The Workforce: Marine Industries, Health Care, and Tourism

Cape Cod’s population effectively doubles during the summertime, so it’s not surprising that the Cape Cod economy is closely tied to the hospitality and tourism industry. However, the Cape also offers a surprisingly diverse range of employment opportunities in areas such as marine science and traditional maritime industries such as fishing and cranberry cultivation. In addition, with one of the oldest resident populations in the state, Cape Cod experiences a high demand for health care and related support services.

With a job growth rate that outperforms the rest of the nation, the Town of Barnstable was ranked among the top hundred on Forbes’ Best Small Places for Business and Careers. And under the guidance of the Cape Cod Commission’s Department of Economic Development, which addresses the needs of the Cape’s many small businesses, this region is sure to be an exciting place to live and work in coming years.


Why Live Here: Maritime Location with Unique Way of Life

Oceanside communities are rapidly disappearing from the East Coast, and Cape Cod is one of the last regions that retains its historically close connection to the sea. The unique features of this community exert a powerful draw on those with a passion for the sea. With natural beauty and vibrant culture to nourish the body and soul, Cape Cod may be the next place you call home!