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The long history of the city of Newport can be traced back to the Colonial Period of American history. The original town of Newport was founded in 1639. The distinctly historical feel of the city stems from unique Newport attractions like the famous Newport mansions and the unforgettable historic district at the city’s core. In addition, Newport is noteworthy as being the location of many of the “Summer White Houses” of presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy and as providing a home to naval landmarks such as the Naval War College and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.

While Newport is clearly immersed in historical significance, it also offers all of the conveniences, attractions, and diversions of a modern city. Newport is conveniently located to larger cities like Boston, New York, and Providence, while also offering many professional and educational resources of its own.


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Public Transportation: Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA)

Although Newport is a small city, it offers RIPTA as a convenient option for getting around town. Offering both bus services and charming trolley rides, RIPTA offers service for both everyday travel and for reaching area tourist attractions such as Newport’s historic mansions and scenic beaches. Four of the RIPTA routes offered service the Newport area, and in Newport RIPTA is headquartered at the Visitor Information Center located downtown on America’s Cup Avenue.


Newport RI Homes for Sale


Newport RI’s Real Estate Market

A city known for its majestic mansions obviously needs to have some impressive real estate offerings, yet you can live in Newport while still staying within your budget. The various neighborhoods of Newport include options for a variety of different budgets. Below are some of the most prominent Newport neighborhoods and a bit of information on the most notable characteristics of the real estate options that they feature.

  • Fifth Ward and Yachting Village– While located in a central area of Newport that is convenient to many workplaces in the city, the Fifth Ward and Yacht Village neighborhood is very cramped with small, narrow streets and inadequate parking options.
  • Historic Point– This is one area of Newport that provides some nice housing options, many of which offer off-street parking. The Historic Point neighborhood extends between the bay and the America’s Cup area.
  • Van Zandt– The Van Zandt neighborhood is popular for young, working class individuals and families.
  • Historic Hill– Known for upscale homes, Historic Hill offers both homes and condos. However, off-street parking is hard to come by, and the area can feel crowded.
  • Thames Street– The Thames Street neighborhood of Newport tends to be bustling and busy, and it is the location of many of the major shopping resources of the area. The area features many storefronts and apartment homes, and it is a popular spot for tourists in Newport.
  • Broadway– This is a good option for young families looking for spacious homes. Broadway cuts through Newport diagonally from the Southwest to the Northeast.

While Newport is known as a historic city and offers many older homes, those shopping for real estate in the area can certainly find home automation options and modern appliances in both new constructions and in homes that have been remodeled in recent years.


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Distinguished Schools in Newport, RI

Newport students have quite a few options to choose from in terms of educational institutions that provide a quality education. After secondary school, Newport residents can decide to continue their education in Newport by attending college at Salve Regina University, or they can study at nearby universities such as the University of Rhode Island campus in Kingston or Roger Williams University in Bristol.


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You’ll Enjoy: The Colonial History, Architecture of the Newport Mansions, the Naval Landmarks

Newport is a perfect city of residence for those who love both the area’s ubiquitous history and the strong nautical feel of this coastal locale.  It’s also a great city for architecture buffs who can spend endless hours touring the region’s Gilded Age mansions and colonial style structures.

  • The East Bay Region
    This area of Newport is home to much of Newport’s famed colonial architecture. The East Bay Region offers visitors a chance to go back in time and familiarize themselves with some of Newport’s rich history.
  • The Newport Mansions
    The Newport area is dotted with mansions of breathtaking beauty, many of which were constructed by famous businessmen and industrialists of the mid to late 20th century. Some familiar names of those behind the construction of Newport’s beautiful mansions include the Vanderbilts and the Astors.
  • Naval Station Newport
    Those with an interest in naval history or nautical pursuits will be fascinated by a visit to Naval Station Newport, which includes the sites of both the Naval War College and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.


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The Lifestyle: Coastal Breezes and Collegiate Vibes

The Newport atmosphere attracts a highly educated populace, and many of the city’s historical attractions are more more geared toward those with academic interests. As the home of Salve Regina University, Newport is undeniably a college town, and the percentage of college educated Newport residents over the age of 25 is over twice that of a typical American town.

Obviously, those with a penchant for coastal living are drawn to the city of Newport. The city offers many recreational activities that cater to those who enjoy maritime sports, and Newport has hosted many yachting and sailing events in past years to take advantage of its beautiful shoreline.


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The Workforce: A Strong Maritime Heritage

The Naval Station area of Newport is an important aspect of the city both culturally and economically. In fact, almost 7 percent of the city’s population is employed by the armed forces, and Newport is widely perceived as a military town because of this.

Other significant areas of employment for Newport residents include the accommodation and healthcare industries, with these two sectors accounting for almost a third of Newport’s workforce. It is also of note that an unusually high portion of Newport’s population is employed in positions involving computer science or math in comparison to the percentage of the population employed in related industries in other cities in the United States.


Why Live Here: Sea Breezes and Old World Charm

For those who enjoy being by the ocean, Newport is a great choice. With close proximity to major urban hubs of the Northeast such as Boston and New York, Newport offers a quiet, peaceful haven- saturated with prominent vestiges of its long history- that’s just right for those who seek small town solace that still offers opportunity and modernity around every corner.