Worcester, MA Real Estate

Worcester MA Real Estate

Welcome to Worcester, MA

Worcester is known as “The Heart of the Commonwealth,” and living here means you’ll be right at the center of it all. It’s the biggest city in the area outside of Boston, and it’s the cosmopolitan core of New England, a cultural hub with museums, and home to finer living.

It’s where higher education meets technology, a hotbed for thinkers and doers, and home to some of the world’s most innovative companies. It’s a big city, but still nestled within the forests of New England, offering the best of both worlds to all who decide to call it home.


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Public Transportation: See New England & the World

Worcester is not only a hub for culture but a hub for travel—wherever you need to go, you’ll be able to get there, and quickly. If you want to explore the rest of New England, there’s the Providence and Worcester Railroad, which will take you down to the southern most tip of Massachusetts, up through Connecticut and Rhode Island and back home to Worcester. Looking to go a little farther? That same rail company also serves as an Amtrak spot, so you’ll be able to get anywhere from Boston to Chicago.

The city is also home to the Worcester Regional Airport, with direct flights to and from Fort Lauderdale and Orlando via JeBlue Airways. And of course, there’s always the municipal bus system, operated by the Worcester Regional Transit Authority, to help you get around the city and surrounding areas.


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Worcester, MA’s Real Estate Market

Worcester offers almost as many places to live as it does ways to get around them. There’s a district for every taste, style, and budget, including:

  • Downtown: The heart of the heart of New England. If you want to be where everything’s happening, this is it.
  • Salisbury District: Where history lives again. Turn-of-the-century housing, museums, and the Salisbury Mansion all call this district home.
  • Canal District: Trendsetters and eclectic dining. If you’re always craving something new, this might be the home for you.
  • Washington Square District: Working outside of the city? This district offers convienient commuter access to wherever you might need to go.
  • Elm City District: Where the nature lovers are. Over 1,000 acres of parkland spread out over 53 parks and playgrounds make up this green part of town.

New England can be expensive, but the city of Worcester offers a variety of programs to assist new homeowners in the area. There’s financial aid for first-time home buyers, rebates to fund energy-efficient additions to homes, an abatement program to assist with some of the costs related to buying an older home, and more. You can learn more about these programs here.


Average Price for Homes in Worcester, MA:

Average Price for Homes

Testimonials to Our Service in Worcester, MA

Here are some of our clients’ past experiences with Carrington Real Estate:

Kitty S. said: Our agent had that rare combination of analytic skill mixed with emotional attachment. When we told her what we were looking for in a house, she not only listened. She evaluated what was best for us — and showed us why. She showed us how we could live in each home and why it benefited us. When it came down to negotiations, she worked even harder to get us a deal, and for that, I can’t thank her enough. Her rating: 5 stars

Sandy N. said: Our agent was very good at finding homes within our tastes and budget. With so many on the market, she narrowed down the “right” choices for us, and gave us the pros and cons of each. It almost felt like we were on an episode of House Hunters. Without her help, our home purchase would have been a terrible experience. Instead, Carrington made it a pleasurable one. Her rating: 5 stars


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Distinguished Schools in Worcester, MA

With over 50 public schools (including magnet schools, alternative schools, and schools for kids with special needs), no matter where you live in Worcester, you’ll be able to ensure that your students’ particular needs are met.


Worcester Bankroft Tower


You’ll Enjoy: Art, Nature, & History

If any part of the country is known for its culture, it’s New England—and nowhere is that more true than Worcester. Museums, music halls, local sporting events and more await you. You’ll never have to worry about what you’re doing over the weekend, because there will always be another nature preserve to hike through or a new show to take in. Boredom is not an option.

  • Hanover Theater for the Performing Arts
    Rated: 5 stars
    You won’t need to hop the train to New York to see Broadway-level performances. The Hanover is possibly the only place in the world that houses Mama Mia one night and Led Zeppelin the next
  • Worcester Art Museum
    Rated: 4.5 stars
    Over 5,000 years of art history are on display in the Worcester Art Museum. New this year is “KNIGHTS,” one of the largest collections of Medieval weapons and armor in the world.
  • Fitton Field
    Rated: 4.5 stars
    Step back into time with Fitton Field—sports stadium that calls back an era when baseball was a way of life. Home of the Holy Cross Crusaders since 1905.
  • Bancroft Tower
    Rated: 4 stars
    A little slice of Old Europe right atop a hill in Worcester, what the Bancroft lacks in history it makes up in style. It looks like a movie set and provides a wonderful backdrop for picnics, jogging, and yoga.


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The Lifestyle: New England Experience

Worcester is New England. A place of culture, sports, arts, music, history—it’s a melting pot of everything that makes this part of the country great.

If you’re a nature lover, the city parks include ponds, woods, playgrounds, tennis courts, baseball fields, and more. Are you a foodie? You’ll be able to dine in a different country every night in the city’s downtown area. If you’re a history buff or a museum fan, you’ll never want for anything to do; you could live here your whole life and still not be able to take in everything Worcester has to offer you.

In short, there is no singular daily life to Worcester, because variety is life here.


Worcester MA Art


The Workforce: Education & Biotech

Worcester is a hotbed of higher education, home to nearly a dozen colleges including Holy Cross, Clark University, Becker College, and others, and these make up some of the biggest employers in the city. But looking beyond that, healthcare is a booming industry in the city. Worcester is home to UMass Memorial Health Care and St. Vincent Hospital, two of the top employers in the city. Biotech and manufacturing are also important parts of the local economy.


Why Live Here: The Hub of New England

To be a part of things. To be in the center of it all (literally even, since Worcester is in the dead center of Massachusetts). The city of Worcester has its tendrils in everything, from arts to education, from technology to transport. You can be anything and do anything in this city. If you love to travel Worcester can get you there, but you might not want to, because this city just has it all.